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approaching runway from cockpit
approaching runway from cockpit
approaching runway from cockpit

On-Site Warranty Recovery and Administration Services

Aviation Warranty Solutions Limited has built up a very good relationship with OEMs and manufacturers such as Airbus and Boeing and has achieved a good degree of trust. The enables AWS to resolve warranty issues quickly and efficiently.

We will gather data, prepare and submit your claim, administer progress on our database, ensure claim closure and provide to the client timely reports.

The key benefits to the client are:

Reduced maintenance costs & overheads

All costs associated through design deficiencies, material and workmanship errors on your fleet are pursued and recovered. There are savings in overhead costs, as our clients do not incur departmental costs.

Reduced component repair & overhaul costs

All costs associated with warranty repaired items are recovered through efficient administration of your product support agreement.

Reduced modification & upgrade costs

By ensuring all F.O.C. Service Bulletin kits and upgrade programmes including chargeable modifications are procured and negotiated with the vendors for cost reductions.

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